Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gummy Bare

I didn't think much of it when I scheduled Theo's first round of vaccinations and my dentist appointment on the same day. I figured it was still during Jeff's parental leave period so we could both go to the appointment, and then he could watch Theo while I sat in the dentist's chair. Organized, that's me!

Friday dawned another 85+ degree day, an event you probably assume is welcome, but actually means that I was in for a day of sitting around in my nursing tank and athletic shorts, no shoes or socks, while Theo sweated through his Onesie. I'll say it again. We love our apartment and the windows and the top floor view; we hate the stairs and the infernal heat that just. does. not. go. away.

I did manage to locate some shoes before we headed to the pediatrician's office. Theo was a champ during his appointment; some tears but overall not a lot of drama. He acted normal all afternoon, and I left him with Jeff as I headed for the dentist's office.

I had my teeth cleaned last year so I should have recalled that the hygienist doesn't exactly have a gentle touch. In fact, the hourlong ordeal was practically a bloodbath. She recommended that I return in six months instead of waiting a year next time. Maybe I'll start flossing. And remember to check in the mirror before I leave the office, since my cheeks were covered with bits of (don't worry, not my gums) blue tooth polish. Covered, I tell you.

By the time I got home, our house was over ninety degrees, Theo had a mild fever and was whimpering, and I gasped every time I inhaled because I swear the roots of my teeth were exposed. No one got much sleep on Friday night.

But! It started raining yesterday and hasn't stopped since. And Theo's fever went down, and I can eat solid foods again, and Jeff doesn't have to go back to work until Monday. It's the small things that make me happy.

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Maria said...

I am glad to hit the US right around the big heat wave. The Boy was drowning in sweat every time he nursed... I gave him two baths a day just to cool him off! Good luck!