Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grazie Mille

I highly recommend taking your infant on vacation.

No, really. I suppose I didn't have to live through a transAtlantic plane ride, but we did spend about ten hours in the car one day. And still. It was worth it. Because we went to Italy. And where else would every woman we met who was over 40 years old and not wearing Gucci sunglasses tell us that our baby was going to save the world with his cuteness? Or something like that. I don't speak Italian.

Our trip through Austria, Venice, and Tuscany was delightful, and I'm pretty sure Theo's first word is going to be "Ciao." Or possibly "gelato." Or maybe "What the hell is with these toll roads? The next exit is twenty kilometers away and I have to pay 20 euros to get there?"

Check out our vacation pics here.


EuroTrippen said...

I hear you on the toll roads. We thought they were bad in France... until we got into Italy that is.

Sounds like you had a great time. We'll be heading back to Italy this October with my in-laws, and it sounds like we'll be using more or less the same route- austria/venice/tuscany.

Did you opt for a gondola ride in Venice?

Blythe said...

No gondola ride for us - maybe next time when we aren't carting a stroller! But even the vaporetto were fun, since the high season hadn't started and the boats weren't crowded. It should be the same in October.