Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Remember last summer when I stenciled a bunch of underwear for my unborn child? Well, what do you know, he's actually wearing them now.

And look! A short story I wrote has been published. You can read it in PDF format here.


Maria said...

Theo's looking adorable!!!

Kerri Butler said...

Love the pics and the story - very nice!!!

EuroTrippen said...

Great story... loved the casual insert of german into your work. I love how every story is sort of the sum of a tiny part of the writer's experience(s). It's like little snippets into a person's psyche, only in many ways far more revealing than actual conversation.

And if they write enough it's like a giant jigsaw puzzle you get to piece together. And clearly we can all see that I have an overactive imagination. lol.