Tuesday, April 10, 2007

French Fried

We spent the four-day Easter weekend at Jeff's sister's home in southern France. It was blissful. There was a spa day involved, lamb for Easter dinner, and several cousin photo shoots.

All three of us are completely worn out from the journey yesterday, and we've misplaced our camera cord, so I can't even promise you photos soon. But I hope you had a happy Easter. This holiday always feels like New Year's day to me - a new beginning.

And since my brain is still on vacation, I'm going to send you somewhere else to read a brilliant post instead of trying to come up with one of my own. Read this memo to surly teenage boys at Breed 'Em and Weep. I plan to drop it discreetly into Theo's Trapper Keeper (holy cow, I'm old) when he turns sixteen. Once upon a time, in my other life, I talked to teenage boys on a daily basis, and those who had somehow figured out this advice were happier people with many friends, and they got all the girls. It's really too bad no teenage boys read my blog, I could be doing them a big favor by posting this link.

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