Tuesday, April 03, 2007

AI: Deutschland

I know you're dying to hear what I think of the latest developments on American Idol. Chris Sligh was an early favorite of mine, mainly because he was smart and funny. But his strategizing became too transparent and complex to get the ten-year-old girl vote. And now he's doing interviews that sound a little bitter. ("I never really wanted to win anyway, I was just doing it for my band, dude." Something tells me he wouldn't send Sacheen Littlefeather to sing that final song and refuse the title if he actually did win.) But I still like him and the fact that he got kicked out of Bob Jones University keeps him in my good books. Watch out for someone to hire him as a host/commentator type.

I refuse to comment on Sanjaya and his hair. Like Kevin, John, and Justin Guarini before him, there's really nothing anyone can say to stop those preteen girls from texting a thousand votes his way.

Melinda, stop acting surprised and humbled. Just say thanks and grow a little confidence. You're good. You have to know it by now.

Go Blake.

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EuroTrippen said...

Ohhh, Melinda annoys the piss out of me for this very reason. No one and I mean no one is that "aww shucks" nice. I'm telling you... in her spare time she likes to bite the heads off bats or kick puppies or something.

I liked Chris in the beginning, but he really did need to go. And the sour grapes/ego stroking post-idol interviews are a sign of immaturity.