Friday, March 16, 2007

Pants on Fire

I totally lied when I announced the Oscar pool prizes. It wasn't so much a lie as a lack of follow-through. In fact it was only 50% a lie because Melanie and Kylee really will get their chocolate Oscar statues, or that's what Amazon tells me.

On the other hand, when I tried to order Karl's snazzy movie-themed cookbook, Amazon told me it is "usually" shipped in 2-4 weeks. And the last time I got a message like that, my order was finally canceled ten weeks later. So I sent him a different book instead, which allowed me to spend Theo's naptime surfing the Amazon cookbook section while also feeling smugly productive.

I had the feeling that I wouldn't be able to send Eurotrippen the chocolate Oscar, and sure enough I was right. In fact I didn't try very hard because I really wanted an excuse to shop at this little chocolate store in downtown Furth. Today I mailed her some very nice chocolate squares. I also included a bar of hot pepper chocolate and, since she recently announced her intention to write a book, some absinthe chocolate, since it can't hurt for inspiration.


EuroTrippen said...

Ok, here's a chocolate update:

Hot Pepper Chocolates- actually pretty good. I like the little chili crunchies.

Chocolate Squares- Oh. My. God. The cinnamon chocolate is my new favorite.

Absinthe Chocolate- It's hardcore... lol. I ate half a square and I swear I smelled like anise for a full hour after.

EuroTrippen said...

P.S. - Thank you very much. You shouldn't have, but I'm sure glad you did. :)