Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just can't get enough

I know you can't get enough baby pictures, so I've added a few more (see the sidebar). Besides our daily photo shoots, life is pretty boring around here. We've apparently acquired the world's safest yet heaviest carseat. Theo's not so sure how he feels about it (see photo). I love everything about it until the moment I have to haul it up four flights of stairs to our apartment. I'm not kidding when I tell you that my arms are now almost too weak to pick up my baby out of his bassinet. Those damn baby books didn't say anything about doing bench presses to prepare for birth. (I suppose they didn't say anything about eating entire bags of Twizzlers either, but I managed to do that.)


Isabelle said...

Theo is the cutest! Oh, if I weren't in love already.. but seriously, I'm glad to see you're all doing well.. and don't lug that car seat up 4 flights! Are you crazy? Make Jeff do it :)

Maria said...

You never can get or take enough pictures of babies. :)

EuroTrippen said...

When Sydney was a baby & (often) fussy the only thing that would calm her down was what I dubbed the 'bouncy walk'. Bouncy walk was nothing more than a polite term for repetitive squat-lunges. There were times when I thought I wouldn't be able to walk from my bed to the dresser.

Having babies isn't for the meek, that's for sure.

Kathy said...

We had a really heavy carseat too. Once you FINALLY get used to it, you find yourself with amazingly fit arms. ;-)