Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Caring for an infant can be an exercise in frustration. It's impossible to know exactly what he's thinking, possibly because he doesn't know either. Sometimes when he cries so hard that his mouth is wide open, his eyes are scrunched shut, and no sound actually comes out of his mouth (unless you're a dog, who might be able to hear the pitch he's screaming), I imagine him being so pissed off that he's telepathically sending me a message saying, "Woman, do something to make me feel better and do it NOW! Get me back into that place where it was quiet and warm and no one was trying to wrap plastic absorbent pads around my midsection." He might even use a swear word if he knew one.

Throughout those first few weeks when he screeched for what seemed like no reason at all, he could always be calmed by nursing. When he suddenly became silent mid-shriek, Jeff would know that it was baby mealtime (or maybe it wasn't time, but Theo was getting a meal). Nursing is lovely and wonderful but it can also be boring, so I would entertain myself by popping in a DVD. I watched the last two seasons of The West Wing this way, and began watching Grey's Anatomy. I almost got through the first two seasons of the adventures of Meredith, George, Izzy, and Christina. It's probably thanks to them that Theo has gained as much weight as he has.

Recently, our DVD player started acting up. This might sound like a minor development, but not when you realize that this is the second DVD player lemon we've acquired since December. And that some of its controls are manual, so I have to set it up before sitting down to feed Theo. So you can only imagine my frustration when, each time I've used the machine for the past week or two, I've had to stop it, start it, rewind it, fast forward, open it, close it, and pick a bale of cotton in order to get it to work each time. This requires getting up from the couch multiple times, which is annoying in itself, but especially inconvenient when you have an infant attached to your, um, frontal region.

Today, I spent the entire 30 minutes of Theo's mealtime trying to get the (bleep)ing DVD player to work, and I never did get it going, and now I have three episodes left to watch and I'm never going to be able to see the last show when everyone wears pretty clothing and Meredith has to choose between Dr. McCan't Buy Me Love and Chris O'Scent of a Woman. I hope Theo doesn't have eardrum damage, because the entire time he was eating this afternoon, my face looked just like his used to and I was shrieking at a pitch that only the black lab downstairs could hear.


EuroTrippen said...

Another Grey's Anatomy victim... I have yet to see an episode even though I own seasons 1 & 2. Which means I'll be the only dork talking about it when I finally get around to watching it.

Speaking of breastfeeding (ok, there was totally no segue, but it's early & I'm tired so pretend there was...) I saw the best mommy/baby shirts the other day:

The two of you should totally rock that look. I wonder if they ship internationally?

Blythe said...

You can talk about it to me, because I'm sure everyone else who reads my blog is over it by now too. It is worth watching. Just at the point that a few of the characters started to bug me, they introduced some new ones. And Christina Yang is one of my favorite characters ever. Heh.

Love the shirts!

vailian said...

Can't you use the computer as a DVD player in a pinch?
I was recently given the 2nd and 3rd series of The OC. Total teeny tripe but I watched it to the bitter end.