Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Theo's House of Fun

We'll hit the three-week tomorrow and Theo has already proved himself a prodigy in the following areas:

-Sudden shrieking for no apparent reason
-Escaping the swaddle
-Brow wrinkling
-Enchanting Grandma

My mom arrived on Saturday and she has already outpaced me in the lullaby department. Where did she learn them all? I'm really not sure. It's wonderful to have another pair of arms around the house, especially when they're attached to someone who thinks our son is as marvelous as we do.


danilea said...

Yeay for Grandmas! You may feel inclined to not let her do EVERYTHING for you that she wants to. But do. Do. Do. And nap. And go get your hair trimmed just to have quiet time and someone wash your hair. I did that around 1 month and it was glorious. But don't get emotional and cut your hair off. My friend did that and it was slightly less glorious. xo.

daniela said...

dangit. spelled my own name wrong.

EuroTrippen said...

Little Theo's already building his fan base! And hopefully grandma's bags were packed with lots of american newborn goodies...