Friday, February 09, 2007

International Man of Mystery

We've begun the process to report Theo's existence to the USA. Eventually we'll travel to the consulate in Munich to report his birth and apply for a passport. We had to submit a passport photo along with the paperwork we mailed yesterday. By the time our appointment arrives, he'll probably look only marginally like this picture. I can't wait to see if the immigration officials can keep a straight face when he actually uses it to travel.


daniela said...

We went to Rio over x-mas with Amelia's passport photo from when she was 1 month old. My little two year old looks nothing like her passport AND she gets to keep it until she's 5!

Maria said...

Oh the fun has begun! The Boy's passport photo already looks so much different than he does, and we only took the photo two weeks ago! I'm not sure why (maybe because my husband and I are both US Citizens?), but we got to do everything in one trip, and we didn't have to send them anything. I hope your trip to the consulate goes as smoothly as ours did (even though we went to Frankfurt not Munich)! :)

Nicole said...

I have a similar picture of DS, who was born in Prague. We did have a bit of a nightmare getting the "Report of American Citizen Born Abroad" and the passport application, but it wasn't TOO bad. I guess we were lucky in that the Embassy was right in town and we didn't have to travel.

As for keeping a straight face, don't count on it. We never once crossed a border without seeing the ever-so-businesslike border patrol melt a little when they looked at the picture.

Anonymous said...

I am not a google/blogger or other,so I just signed in under anonymous...I love reading your blog :) It looks and sounds like Theo has Grama wrapped around his little finger... what a handsome boy. Maybe Grama will be moving to Germany!!!
Take Care,