Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Theo will be two weeks old tomorrow and though he does tend to sleep for several hours in a row each day, you can blame him for my absence here. We've really got to do something about that center-of-the-universe attitude he has developed.

I would like to say we're getting into a routine, and I suppose we are, though the routine has very little to do with the hour of the day or night, and is wholly dependent upon the mood and cravings of an eight-and-a-half-pound being who likes to spend his free time modeling adorable babywear and partying all night. Yes, you read that right, he has gained almost a pound over his birthweight already. He never actually dropped any weight, a trend I fervently hope does not extend to his mother's post-partum condition.

Jeff returned to the office today after two weeks' vacation. Theo and I are doing fine, though I'm sure the shrieking that occurred the moment I attempted to eat my lunch was a signal that the someone was missing the daddy song and dance machine. And Jeff's coworkers might notice him curling up under his desk for a wee nap later in the day.

I know many of you are curious about my German hospital experience, and I promise to write a thorough post about the whole thing soon. Well, soon-ish. Well, fortunately for you, dear reader, kindergarten in Germany begins at age 3.


EuroTrippen said...

He didn't drop any weight? That's some milk you've got there, mama! Sounds like he's well on his way to breaking mommy & daddy in... kudos to Theo!

Blythe said...

I'd like to take credit for his robustness but, as you'll learn later if I ever get around to writing about it, he had the help of some IV fluids. But it's true, he is the boss around here these days!

Maria said...

As the proud mother of a six week old now eleven pound or so baby boy, I can tell you honestly-- your arms will become quite strong very quickly! Personally, I like to think that carrying The Boy (http://amarijohnson.blogspot.com) around only helps me to shed the weight...

I can't wait to hear about your experience.