Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Jeff and Theo Snow
We woke up this morning to six inches of snow and it hasn't stopped coming down all day. Theo has been with us for one week today and the three of us are enjoying each other.

I missed the Golden Globes coverage so no fashion roundup this year. Maybe by the time the Oscars roll around I will be more adept at one-handed typing.


Kerri said...

Love the new pictures Blythe!! Both Jack Henry and Nathan wore that little white gown with the blue bears down the front with the matching hat. It made me happy to see little Theo looking so precious in it! He is just a doll- I can't stop looking at him. Congrats!! Enjoy the snow and the fresh air! It looks beautiful there.

Ahnawake said...

Not only will you get better at one handed typing you'll get better at one handed everything!! Enjoy your little man! Before you know it he'll be huge!

christina said...

OHBT - one handed baby typing!

Theo is so adorable.

Maria said...

Absolutely beautiful baby boy!

I have posted a picture on my blog ( of an alternative to one handed typing. It only works while the little guy truly is little. The Boy is now over 4.5 kg (at 1 month!!!), so it is no longer an option for me, but I can sit him in my lap, head between my breasts and get in an email here and there. LOL!