Friday, January 05, 2007


Everything I read and hear equates nesting with the desire to clean and organize one's home. If that's a hard and fast rule, then this baby is never going to arrive, because I still have virtually no reaction when I notice the dried up toothpaste on my bathroom sink. I briefly considered reorganizing the pantry, but I was distracted at the first shelf which was full of the Hershey bars and 100 Grand bars and Twizzlers that appeared there over the holidays.

There is some hope for me, however. I recently succumbed to the urge to sew and to bake. I've always enjoyed creating things - I drove my elementary school friends' parents crazy because I always suggested baking cookies as a weekend activity, and with it came floury kitchen and dirty dishes - and now that the holidays are over and I am not required to leave the building for any reason, I have plenty of time for projects.

I started by hemming the nursery curtain and moved on to a homemade crib ruffle. The curtain turned out fine, and the ruffle, like most of my sewing projects, looks all right as long as you don't examine it closely. Such ruffles don't seem to exist here in Germany so I just took a guess at how to attach it to the crib, I'm sure it will begin to sag soon enough. I then tried my hand at making some little bags from an actual pattern. They're not perfect either, but proved that I have a vague recollection of Home Ec teacher Miss Robbins's instructions for handling seam allowances, pinning, and interfacing. By the way, try describing interfacing to the elderly woman at the German fabric store. There is apparently no direct translation, but between the two of us we got the job done.

Jeff did his best to look impressed when I showed off the finished products, but I could tell he was holding out for the Betty Crocker phase to arrive, and indeed it did. I baked and iced sugar cookies (like last year) and cranberry bars, then moved on to his favorite chocolate cookies (two batches) and even a pie with homemade crust. I capped these efforts with a try at homemade bagels, which turned out better than I expected. We haven't found good, chewy bagels here so we polished off the entire batch within a couple of days and as I write this I am waiting for batch #2 to rise. This time, I added a couple of overripe bananas, we'll see how the yeast reacts to that little twist.

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Saw your post at MU. Best wishes for your labor and delivery!