Monday, January 15, 2007

British Invasion

It has been suggested that we name our child Beckham, after a certain footballer. After the past three days, with All Becks All The Time on television, I wonder if someone is trying to tell us something. Jeff remains unconvinced that the handsome star will successfully save the MLS. I'm praying that his wife doesn't show up on the US pop music charts, which would make it impossible for me to ever reclaim pride in my country.


Nicole said...

Well, if Becks can name his kids Brooklyn and Romeo... Beckham Beckham would almost be better than Romeo, in fact. Kind of a Boutros Boutros Ghali feel.

As first-names-as-last go, you could do worse than Beckham. Still, don't you think you ought to go with the historical nod to Fuerth by naming the baby after its most famous export, Henry Kissinger?

ann said...

I also don't know if Beckham will do much for American soccer - given a choice, I would rather have seen Klinsmann coaching the American national team, but the LA Galaxy has reportedly sold a huge number of season tickets. (They've taken in 7.5 mill, and that's before you get going with the hats and shirts.) Maybe they will come close to breaking even.

ohh- and ixnay on the eckhamsbay. Baggage no kid needs.

Colombo said...

No Beckham Please! :-)