Monday, December 04, 2006

To Market To Market

Christmas People
Nürnberg's big Christmas market opened on Friday, so we made a trip into town yesterday to take in the festivities. You might recall last year, when all that kept us from freezing to death in the Hauptmarkt was the heat generated by thousands of shivering bodies, half of whom were fortified by strangely spiced wine, drunk from small green boot-shaped mugs.

This year, I wore my spring jacket, put on some gloves because they matched my scarf, and Jeff walked around with his coat unzipped. Is this the winter we were promised last year? I'm not sure. I'm still hoping for some snow before the holidays but I must admit it was more pleasant to shop for holiday goodies under a blue sky and sunshine than fighting the wind and feeling the snot freeze around my nose.

I was so cheerful that I even allowed Jeff to snap my photo. You might have noticed that I'm exuding an anti-camera sentiment lately. I tried to explain to my snap-happy husband yesterday that it's not that I feel ugly or ungainly (except when I try to get out of bed in the morning, it's too bad you aren't here to witness the spectacle), it's simply that I am rarely inspired to put together a presentable appearance that I'd like preserved for posterity. I've never had an eyeliner pencil last so long, nor have my hair accessories ever lived in such a pristine environment (ie never touching my head). And you already know about the rise of the sweatsuit in my wardrobe.

The good news is that I'll spend a few afternoons this month volunteering at the American/German sister-city stand at that market, so I'll probably be forced to wear actual clothing, and (gasp) brush my hair. Perhaps this turn of events will result in some photographic evidence.

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