Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tis the Season

It's a birthday tradition here for the birthday girl/boy to bring treats to share with coworkers. This seems slightly unfair to me - more work on your birthday? - but it also results in getting to eat what you want on your big day, no picking through carrot cake when you don't eat carrot cake or politely digging the raisins out of the cookies. A control freak like me appreciates these things.

Jeff turned 36 on Monday, so he brought the cranberry bars to work yesterday, along with some fruit and sparkling wine and orange juice. He says his coworkers wandered in and out of his office all day long, saying "Congratulations!" That's not an American birthday sentiment. It's probably due to the subtle reference to death ("Congratulations for living this long!") and the American aversion to admitting we're not all going to live forever that causes us to just say "Have a happy day!"

I think Jeff had a happy day, and I definitely did. I find that his birthday makes me happier even than my own (and I'm all about being happy on my annual Day of Moi). I spend it thinking about the first cake I baked for him (bday #22 - a 4-layer chocolate beauty, from scratch, that I was worried about being devoured by ants in my college apartment), the birthdays we spent on opposite sides of the USA (#24 and #25, we probably argued over the phone as was our habit at the time), the traditional hourly phone calls to sing the birthday song on his voicemail all day long, and even last year's birthday which I spent at the U2 concert in Portland while he hung around here in the slush, working. I remember how thankful I am for all the years he's been in the world, all the years he has been in my world, and all the laughter we still share. He takes great care of me and I can't even express in words what a superb dad he is going to be. Which is fortunate, because someone is going to have to watch the kid during U2's next tour.

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