Thursday, December 07, 2006

Amazon Woman

I've done all of my Christmas shopping via Amazon this year, and I'm crossing all of my digits for good shipping karma. Two years ago, I ordered a book in December, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, in case you care, and it was interesting though I definitely didn't understand every page, which is Amazon's fault (see below). Instead I received a giant set of Matchbox cars. Which led to a personal campaign to find an actual phone number for their customer service department, eventually requiring a snotty e-mail. I never did receive the return postage, so the Matchbox cars went to my coworker and her young son, and I did eventually receive my book. But then I had to read it in a rush to complete it by my book club meeting. So it's Amazon's fault that I couldn't give you a coherent recap of the main plot points of Invisible Man. And I hope some child was not deprived of his/her Matchbox cars on Christmas morning.

All of this is a way of telling my loved ones that if you never receive your Christmas gifts, I have the Amazon customer service telephone number, I would be happy to share it with you. And if you receive something really odd, it might be a mistake on their part, not bad shopping on my part. Though I've been known to get kind of creative, so I'll admit you are taking your chances if you call and ask me if the meat tenderizer that you never wanted is a mistake, or your real present. Because who doesn't need a meat tenderizer?


Customer Justice said...

I think Amazon should have done better. I was wondering if you would want to share such stories with this new blog I have started? It would be great if you could.

Send me an e-mail if you feel like doing so. And Happy Christmas Shopping! :D

Blythe said...

Besides this particular instance, I've actually been pretty happy with Amazon. I have to imagine that working in their warehouse during the holidays makes their employees want to pack themselves up and mail themselves with free super saver shipping to a place with palm trees.

And they didn't charge me for the Matchbox cars so I can't say they never gave me anything.

Good luck with your new blog.

Customer Justice said...

Oh they didn't charge you for the Matchbox cars? Well that's a good thing!
Would you be interested in joining?

Have Fun!