Monday, November 13, 2006

Home, James

I spent much of my weekend on the couch, watching Season Two of NYPD Blue on DVD. I became a Blue devotee during season 4, when Andy J was already out of the picture, Andy and Sylvia already had Theo, and Bobby had just proposed to Diane. So it was high time that I caught up on the backstory.

My conclusion, after hours of skels, and slimy informants, and the Lieu, and Grace Adler as Donna's sister, is that someone needs to get Jimmy Smits back on television. Stat. Also, I have reserved a future weekend to be named later to watching The West Wing Season 7 in its entirety, just so I can see him snap his gum once or twice.

When I managed to drag myself off the couch for 30 minutes, I made Hungarian mushroom soup. It's tasty stuff, with lots of dill and mushrooms and creamy goodness. This recipe is from the Moosewood Restaurant cookbook, which I understand was the Jamie Oliver/Barefoot Contessa/Nigella of the vegetarian set in the 70's. Make some, unless you hate mushrooms. If you do enjoy eating mushrooms, but your husband doesn't really like mushrooms, wait until he's away from home for a while and then make some and eat it all yourself.

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Daniela said...

Moosewood Restaraunt is in Cornell, NY (i'm pretty sure) and Mike used to go there and think it was fairly disgusting because it was all vegetarian. Then he became a vegetarian and we made lots of things from there. I really liked the Enchanted Broccoli Forest recipe as well as one for some stuffed peppers. yum.