Wednesday, November 01, 2006


-We spent Halloween night eating mini Kit-Kats on the couch. We thought we had trick-or-treaters when someone rang our doorbell and sang a festive jingle, but when Jeff buzzed them in, they never appeared at our door. A drunk neighbor? An early Christmas caroler? A jolly burglar that heard the two woofing dogs on the ground floor and left?

-Sad news that William Styron, author of one of my favorite books, Sophie's Choice passed away. Sophie's Choice was his final novel, completed over 30 years before he died. As I inch toward finishing my thesis, I think I understand why he might have needed that kind of a break from writing.

-Yesterday was a Bavarian holiday (All Saints' Day) so Jeff had the day off and we drove to Wurzburg. They have a castle AND a palace there. And gusty winds that made me cranky. Remedied - the crankiness, not the winds - by a cup of creamy hot chocolate. See photos below.

-SCHNEE (snow, if you've just recently tuned in or you don't speak German) on the rooftops this morning.

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Carol said...

Love Wurzburg!! Great memories there...

And you're SHOWING!! Wooo-hooooo!