Thursday, November 09, 2006

Acting like a mom

My mom reads my blog.

(Hi Mom!)

She generally avoids the computer, since she says she'd rather being doing more productive things like reading a book or polishing the chrome on the tub or eating chocolate. As much as that shocks my internet-possessed sensibilities, it's hard to argue with her logic. But she faithfully reads my blog anyway, so she can see photos of my pregnant self and read about all the things I neglect to tell her when we talk on the phone.

A few weeks ago, I commented that my increasingly rotund form has affected my balance, causing some teetering in the shower. I meant it as a humorous reference to my pregnant form. If I'd actually fallen down and broken my crown, I realize it wouldn't be funny. But the next time my mother called, the first thing she said was, "I read your blog about the shower. You fell down in the shower?" in a concerned tone.

And of course this irritated me. If I'd actually hurt myself, I wouldn't make a joke about it. And can't my mom recognize humor? Gawd. Can't she stop thinking like my mother for five minutes?

And then I realized that, no, she probably can't. And that's what I am in for. And I'm going to have a boy, who will inevitably want to jump off tall objects and play bonecrushing sports and stuff poisonous insects in his mouth. So I'll just remain thankful for the relatively small build he will probably inherit, which will most likely keep him off the defensive line. And try to give my mom a break for acting like a mom. I guess we just can't help it.

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