Tuesday, October 10, 2006

They're coming to take me away

It was a glorious autumn weekend in Bavaria, and though I did take a walk (mainly to collect the sad German version of a Slurpee, the 'Monster Freeze,' at a local street fair, in case you were under the mistaken impression I was exercising), Jeff and I spent half our time with red-rimmed zombie eyes trying to solve the Funny Farm game. Lest you think the game is funny, or about a farm (which would be forgivable based on the opening page), its name really means that by the time you are finished, or even by the time you are halfway finished, your loved ones will have carted you off to the place where you can sit without even noticing the posterior gape in your hospital gown while you try to come up with the 2-word connection between "people" and "purple" that is neither "one-eyed" nor "one-horned."

Reading the "Hints" (minutely linked in the upper right-hand corner) does help to explain what the hell you're supposed to do to get started, but otherwise it is no help at all. What does help, when it is way past your bedtime and you and your husband are having a giant argument about 3-letter magazine titles (YES I HAVE TRIED INC, I HAVE TRIED IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN, DO YOU WANT TO TYPE NOW?), is to cheat and follow someone else's link to the completed puzzle. Contact me if you are at the cliff's edge and need that link to keep you from jumping over, and I will help you.

My internet service provider and my blog provider have staged a throwdown during the past couple of days, and I'm not sure if all the issues have been resolved. If I don't post for a little while, it's because I am unable to log in (not because I've grown so huge that I can't fit behind my desk).

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Christina said...

How evil! I logged in to do some quick surfing, read some blogs, then get on with my life, and have now spent 3 hours on this darn Funny Farm game. I will find a way to get back at you ;-)