Monday, October 23, 2006

Fashion Victim

We're in the middle of the annual awards-show drought, but since I watch too much E!, including this past weekend's 101 Fashion Trainwrecks marathon, I feel it's time to look back and acknowledge some of my favorite outfits that the critics (the OTHER critics, besides me, obviously) hated. My top five I Love It/You Hate It red carpet looks:

-Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2001 Academy Awards.
She wore a sparkly Calvin Klein minidress and a mini beehive hairdo. I read that the dress wasn't formal enough, that her hair was ridiculous, and that it was a good thing Bjork showed up in that swan ensemble or she would have been the worst-dressed of the evening. Give me a break. She wore her fabulous legs as an accessory and she pulled off the sixties throwback look without doing the old Kate Hudson hippie thing. As much as I love her, I realize she's not perfect (see: Alexander McQueen kilt disaster and strange pink fluffy gown) but I submit that she was just ahead of the curve on this one.

-Courtney Love at the 2000 Golden Globe Awards.
This dress has been called the Hefty Bag, Cat Scratch Fever, and Shredd. As bad as Courtney can look (and she can look BAAAAD), she looks appropriately dressed up yet edgy here. Come on people, it's Courtney Love. She was nominated for a movie about the Penthouse founder. Were you expecting vintage Valentino? I am not a Courtney fan, but I think this is the perfect look for her.

-Jessica Simpson at the Employee of the Month premiere.
She's been criticized for overdoing the 50's housewife thing (and I'll admit her lipstick is overwhelming) but doesn't that look like a fun dress to wear? And it's about time she lost the cascading Baywatch hair for five minutes. Cute, I say.

-Christina Aguilera at the 2003 VMAs.
OK, I'll admit the weird tan and scary hair are bad, but this pink feather dress works for me. I've read that it isn't a dress, it's just a big feather boa. And? She looks curvy, the feathers are covering all the required parts, and she isn't all, well, Dirrrrty.

-Nicole Kidman at the 2003 Golden Globes.
This gold flapper dress/hair combo is hated and held up as an example of Nicole's fashion fallibility. I would submit her Morticia Addams look from the 2002 Golden Globes for that purpose. The flirty flapper dress, the headband, the curls, and the big gold sequins work for me. Virtually no one else could pull it off, but I think she looks amazing. And not boring.

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