Monday, August 28, 2006

Town and Gown

I watched the Emmy awards last night, though I haven't seen a single episode of the nominated shows so I really had no opinion about who won. I left the country before the kickoff of the television season and returned when it was over. So, for me, it was all about critiquing fashion, drooling over handsome men in tuxedos, and wondering how I could get my hair to do some of that stuff.

-The hosts of the pre-show sported some of the evening's more frightening styles. Maria Menounos and her dracula collar edged out Nancy Odell and her Rapunzel extensions for strangest look of the evening.

-All the beige, grey, and other earth toned dresses must look good in person, but they just don't translate to television. Kyra Sedgwick's hair was gorgeous and the dress was dreamy but the color looked like a dirty washrag. A couple of blondes with very strong features - Felicity Huffman and Heather Locklear - managed to pull off the brown/beige thing - but too many people did not.

-As long as we're talking about hair - highlights included Mariska Hargitay's bangs (hmmm...I wonder if I should cut my bangs...), Patrick Dempsey's waves (as always), and all those pretty updos. Lowlights: Calista Flockhart's messy ponytail (I was wearing the same hairdo while watching the show, sitting on my couch in sweats), and Ellen Pompeo's severely pulled-back and straightened locks that looked like my hair in my third grade school photo.

-On the other hand, Ellen looked lovely in her crushed velvet dress, though she must have been roasting in the 100-degree heat. She always seems so gracious. I can almost forgive her for getting to smooch Patrick Dempsey.

-Must've been take-your-niece-to-the-awards-show night. I hope. Either that or John Voigt, Tony Shalhoub, and Sean Hayes have some explaining to do. (I want Sean Hayes to be my uncle - how much more fun would that make Thanksgiving dinner?)

-The red dress brigade almost made up for the beigey blahs. Edie Falco, Jane Kaczmarek, Heidi Klum, and a gorgeous Allison Janney looked great in red.

-It was awesome to see the original Charlie's Angels onstage together. The sheer amount of plastic surgery up there was a sight to behold. And that's not counting cutaways to the Spellings and Joan Collins. Or Barry Manilow, or Dick Clark.

-Barry Manilow was his irresistible, theatrical self all night, despite prepping for hip surgery the following day. Watching him with that in mind, and seeing Dick Clark sitting on that chair, even made me feel old.

-It's about time Duckie Dale got nominated for an award. Though Two and a Half Men isn't exactly Shakespeare, how can you dislike Jon Cryer? Sitting up there in the front row. Where's Molly Ringwald NOW?

-Farmer Ted was there too. Thank you, John Hughes.

-In case you needed proof that writers provide the highs and lows of television, note the My Name is Earl writer who told his elementary school teacher "no thanks" for telling him he wasn't funny (a highlight of the evening) and the writer of Elizabeth I who looked like he might keel over from terror at any second (not a highlight).

-Debra Messing looked pretty from the neck up, but those white ruffles didn't do her any favors. They made her look wide. And she is not wide.

-On the other hand, Helen Mirren looked amazing in her white gown with her white hair and the best speech of the night. She and the daffy Blythe Danner (who actually pulled off that turquoise dress - though I'm not so sure about the belt) were two of my favorites.

-I am grossed out every time I see that Fancy Feast commercial advertising cat food that is "inspired by restaurant entrees." Ick.

-Also grossed out by Simon Cowell's chest hair. Good music sense. No fashion sense.

-My favorite gentlemen:
Jeremy Piven (even with his strange ascot)
Dennis Leary (I used to hate his schtick but he has grown on me over the years)
Sean Hayes
Jon Cryer

-Favorite ladies:
Annette Bening - loved that shorter dress
Allison Janney - wow
Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Narciso Rodriguez can do no wrong
Katherine Heigl - the Charlize Theron Oscar-winner look sans orange fake tan
Virginia Madsen - awesome cleavage
Helen Mirren
Kelly MacDonald - cute dress, cuter accent

And, Conan was funny. I thought the bit with Bob Newhart was worth a few laughs. But Bob Newhart almost always cracks me up. Really.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with everything--especially the Fancy Feast commercial! They lure you in like they are preparing a delicious meal you wouldn't mind eating, and then you find out it's cat food. Totally sick. Bryan and I were both grossed out.