Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So much depends on a red Speedo

It's been a season of high drama so far on Rock Star: Supernova. Tommy Lee's ex- wife and former Baywatch hottie has staged four or five weddings, and hostess Brooke Burke just announced her engagement to Tommy's ex-wife's French ex-boyfriend and former Baywatch hottie. Gilby has started bringing his dog to work, and 'mentor' Dave Navarro is getting divorced from a former Baywatch hottie. Jason is thinking about buying a red Speedo.

Oh? This is a show about music? Is David Hasselhoff going to be on?

I'm still watching, keeping my fingers crossed for Storm, but I'm worried for her. The Boys seem to love Dilana as much as ever, despite her frightening fake eyelashes and lackluster Police cover last night. I am unable to form an opinion of Lukas's performances because he just bugs me. I can't get over his offstage persona, and besides, all of these guys know how important it is to any rock band to have a sexy lead singer, and I'm not sure who might think this guy is sexy. I am not a Ryan fan, but last night I saw why he could walk away with the gig. Toby, what was up with the chest-writing? Does EVS mean SOY BOMB in Australia? Patrice's song was enjoyable; too bad we won't likely be seeing her again after this evening. And Magni seems like a cool guy, but I keep forgetting about him. Who is voting for him? Can they vote on this show in Iceland?

It's getting down to the point where I can imagine any of the contestants (ahem, ROCKERS) winning. Now that Zayra and her go-go boots are finally gone.

Bye-bye Patrice. And who else thinks they made Dilana look bad last night just so it would seem like more of a horserace?

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jonniker said...

I totally think they made Dilana look bad on purpose for that VERY REASON. I also have a major major and did I say MAJOR? thing for Ryan.

I am 30. I am married. I have a crush on a reality TV show contestant. Save me.