Monday, July 10, 2006

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog

The World Cup is over. The Italians are still driving around honking their horns and waving Camoranesi's sheared-off ponytail. The world is trying to read Zidane's mind and Materazzi's lips (except in my home country where people think Zizou is one of the Gabor sisters). Juergen Klinsmann, the German coach, is sleeping late before he considers the irony that the German citizenry is ready to erect a Rocky-type statue in his honor.

I was pulling for France, so I was disappointed, though fascinated, by the final result. For me, the story of the weekend was Germany's classy display of passion in the third-place match. They played their best in a tribute to the new spirit of Deutsch pride. Oliver Kahn kind of scares me, but I guess that's how you can tell I'm not German.

Update: For more about Zizou, Materazzi, and who said what, Kottke is keeping tabs on the latest developments.

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Jeff said...

It was a fun ride while it lasted but alas, the WC 06 comes to an end and now I have to get back to the real world...we will enjoy the memories, the pictures and look forward to WC 2010 in South Africa....I wonder how they feel about air conditioning there....