Monday, July 03, 2006

The Vegas of Europe

We celebrated our wedding anniversary in Amsterdam over the weekend, with perfect weather, cool museums, exciting World Cup action, a canal boat ride and a huge Indonesian dinner. We couldn't have asked for a better way to mark 8 magnificent years. Here's to you, JJB.

I dubbed the city the Las Vegas of Europe after witnessing the number of bachelor/bachelorette parties roaming the streets, and watching the street sweeper clean up the aftermath on Sunday morning. There's much more to this beautiful city than sin, but try telling the young British tourists. Maybe they were just drowning their sorrows after Saturday's match?


Daniela Almeida (can you get more Brasilian than this?) said...

Saturday's Match? There were no matches on Saturday. I have blocked Saturday from my mind. It did not happen. Meu Kaka nao fez nada, Ronaldinho foi uma vergoinha. Nem quero falar mais sobre esse desgraca. Tchau.

EuroTrippen said...

What a great anniversary trip!