Monday, June 12, 2006

Excuses, excuses

I resolve to try to curb my sporadic posting habits of the last couple of weeks. I do have a few excuses:
-Visit from one adorable niece, accompanied by her two minions/parents. They were on their way home to France from a jaunt to Hungary and we enjoyed our week playing with them, despite weather that reminded us of our days in the Pacific Northwest.
-Visit from Scott and Kerri and subsequent sightseeing, sausage-eating, and general merriment.
-Beginning of a certain major worldwide sporting event that everyone in the world is watching. Except in the USA because sports like American football and baseball are so much more exciting. Um, right.

Jeff scored World Cup tickets through tenacious participation in two different lotteries, so we will enthusiastically cheer on the USA next Saturday versus Italy and the following Thursday versus Ghana. Watch for us if you've got cable.

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