Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bee Mine

Let us raise our yellow pencils and pink erasers high to Katharine Close, who won the 79th annual national spelling bee last week. She correctly spelled "ursprache" after the runner-up misspelled "weltschmerz." I immediately noted that both words were of German origin; all those weeks of German class apparently didn't go to waste.

As a word geek, I've been following the pop culture rise of spelling bees in the past few years. From local celebrity bees to Broadway musicals to hit documentaries and feature films, spelling is the new skateboarding. This year's bee was the first ever to be televised in prime time, possibly counteracting all those hours of King of Queens and Two and a Half Men that have been eating America's brains for the past few years. For a little spelling fun of your own, check out the national bee's practice word list.

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Jeff (the husband) said...

Yes I married a nerd, what can I say...some of us kool kidz try to help out some of these nerds once in a while......