Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Are you ready for some football?

In case you (like the American Forces Network reporter I heard on the radio yesterday, who told the soccer commentator that most Americans wouldn't really understand what he was talking about) hadn't noticed, Germany is currently hosting the biggest international sporting event in the world. That means our city buses are flying Deutsch flags, every town square in the country is full of picnic tables, beer steins and huge TV screens, and the English are having a hard time crossing the borders. In other words, not much different that normal. Ba-dum-bum.

My new favorite team, Trinidad & Tobago, held Sweden to a tie, and they're set to play England here in Nurnberg tomorrow. I saw a bunch of England fans walking around downtown this morning and they were all very well-behaved though we will probably stay out of the pubs for the next 48 hours as a precaution. My ancestors, the Croatians, lost to Brazil yesterday, though they fought hard and played well. I was comforted that Brazil's only goal was scored by the adorable Kaka, who makes up for his ludicrous name with dashing good looks. The USA is poised for its expected early exit thanks to a sad match on Monday evening. I noticed that, midway through the second half, Jeff had flipped the channel and was watching a "Friends" rerun. He said it was just too frustrating to keep watching the game. This despite frequent camera shots of female fans clad in stars-and-strips bikinis. I'm so proud to be an American. But, as the Germans would say, at least I'm not Dutch.


Jeff (I am pulling for England now) Butler said...

For the record, Kaka is not his real name, his real name is Ricardo Izecson Santos Leite. Also, he has almost the same birth date as Blythe except 12 years later....and while Blythe is drooling over Kaka, I can drool over his 18 yr old Brazilian wife ( who wore Christian Dior in her December wedding (this is what happens when I get bored with reading about how bad the U.S., I start looking into the personal lives of players.....sad)

Anonymous said...

Germany was not much different during the WC? C'mon you need new glasses then. Everybody was commenting on this.