Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Tom Tom Club

We saw Mission Impossible III. The Salon review reflects many of my thoughts, but here are a few observations from moi (don't worry, no spoilers):
-Apparently, if you're Ethan Hunt's fiance, your hospital scrubs are stylish and form-fitting.
-Someone figured out that much of the viewing public no longer finds Tom Cruise sexy. Fortunately, that void is filled with Jonathan Rhys Meyers hotness.
-Action plots have become so familiar that we no longer actually need to know why the bad guy is bad, or what exactly is The Very Important and Dangerous Thing our hero is trying to retrieve.
-Welcome back Felicity! And now you're wielding a gun!
-I appreciated JJ Abram's shout-outs to past Tom Cruise movies. There's a Maverick moment (motorcycle, sunset, leather jacket) and a Born on the Fourth of July moment (scruffy makeup, bad headwear). There's even a Hannibal Lecter moment which, at one time in Tom's career would have been so ridiculous as to seem humorous. Now, it doesn't seem quite so silly.

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EuroTrippen said...

I knew JJ could do it! I love it when films reference the actor's back catalog... one of my favorite scenes in Johnny Depp & Tim Burton's Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was their hilarious nod to Ed Wood.

Plus, any film with Philip Seymour Hoffman in it has got to be good.