Sunday, May 07, 2006


There are several advantages to watching American Idol via British satellite television. One, the performance show and the results show are aired back-to-back, so I am immediately able to see the consequences of the Idols' "pitchiness." Two, the shows are aired on Fridays, long after I've learned who was sent packing, removing any impulse I might have to actually vote. So, less humiliating re-dialing and feeling like a fourteen-year-old girl. Three, the British network cuts the shows to fit into 90 minutes or, now that there are only four contestants left, 60 minutes, so I am forced to endure fewer commercials and no freaky infomercial (I was really sorry to miss Kevin's head sticking out of the sand but I'll live). At first, I was concerned that reading recaps of the shows and knowing in advance who was voted out and how bad their silver capri pants looked (oops, I've found an alternate route to being a fourteen-year-old), would diminish my viewing pleasure. Not so, apparently.

I'll agree with Randy, Simon, and Paula, that this season's singers are better than ever. The competition between the top three (Chris, Katherine, and Taylor - sorry Elliott but I'm pretty sure you're headed for the door on Wednesday) is too close to call. Chris and Taylor will both have recording careers whether they win or lose - people love them and their identities are clear. Katherine (like last year's Carrie) needs to win in order to carve out a niche for her pretty voice. Bear with me while I make a parallel between Taylor and Bo Bice. They both seemed a little strange when we first saw them flailing around the stage, but they've both proved that they are already pros, Idol or no Idol. And if they put Chris's Styx cover on the American Idol album, I don't care if I seem like a fourteen-year-old, I'm buying it.

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