Monday, May 08, 2006

Hitting the trail

There are times when I reject my role as trailing spouse. Waking up in the morning and realizing that my main objective for the day is to acclimate to a culture where I don't have any formal niche is strange. Taking language lessons, deciphering the recycling system, unlocking the mysteries of our washer and dryer, all because my husband was offered a job in a foreign country. It's an odd existence.

Last week, though, I trailed quite happily to France. Jeff had business there, and since I didn't have a job or a meeting or even a television show I really wanted to watch, I tagged along. We stayed in Strasbourg, a charming town just across the border. It incorporates aspects I like about Germany (comprehensive grocery stores and organized public transportation) with the lovely French language, tasty and meticulously considered food, and snotty waiters. We lingered over dinner (seafood three meals in a row, mmmm...), strolled around the cobblestone island at the city center, and slept late on Saturday. I read two books, bought a sun hat, and soaked up the eighty-degree weather.

As long as Jeff continues to feed me well, I think I'll happily trail along for a while more.

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EuroTrippen said...

I stuggle with that, too... what to do that defines you in some way other than just 'supportive hausfrau'.

Of course, if Jim was headed to France... I'd suddenly find my purpose. lol