Friday, May 19, 2006

Everything's coming up Spargel

It's spargel season in southern Germany, which means that perky vegetable stands have popped up at every curve of every road, and each restaurant menu features a special slate of spargel dishes. Spargel is a special species of asparagus grown in our area for just a few weeks each year. They are covered with soil and deprived of sun during their growing season so that they emerge chubby and healthy yet completely without color. Albino asparagus, I guess.

I enjoy a dose of asparagus now and then but I haven't yet developed a taste for these naked-looking specimens. I do appreciate the idea of eating vegetables when they are actually in season, but apparently I haven't totally integrated yet because I didn't order the spargel pad thai at our local Thai restaurant last night.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How pathetic! Luckily there are burger joints in Europe as well so you don't need to undergo the torture of such exclusive veggies!