Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Special Delivery

Back when I used to go to summer camp (I wish I could still go to summer camp, but that's a topic for another post), I lived for mail call. My camp was only a week long, so I think my mom actually had to mail stuff to me before I even left home, but she always came through with at least one care package. She would fill it will all kinds of goodies like Pop Tarts and Twizzlers and mini candy bars that she knew were my favorite things. Besides the killer sugar high that I am sure drove my camp counselor up the wall, the package gave me a reminder that someone, somewhere, was thinking of me.

Yesterday, when the parcel delivery guy buzzed my doorbell, I assumed he was contacting me because he wanted me to sign for a neighbor's package. I couldn't tell for sure, of course, because I still haven't learned enough German to speak to people without hand gestures, and he was talking to me through my building's intercom system. When I met him in the stairwell, he handed over a package addressed to me! Hooray! And when I ripped it open, I found this adorable purse, knitted by my frighteningly talented friend, Sandi. Aren't you jealous? It's even personalized. I was also lucky enough to receive a package full of Peeps from my awesome friend Daniela last week. I wish I could post a photo of them, but they are long gone. My mother-in-law came through with some Girl Scout cookies a couple of weeks ago, and my mom has been sending envelopes full of American gossip magazines.

As much as I love the internet, I won't give up on snail mail. I have the feeling some frosted strawberry Pop Tarts might be on their way.


Jeff said...

meanwhile, the only thing I get in the mail is german...that I can't read....okay so the girl scout cookies from my mom were for both of us but since Blythe ate them all, it didn't feel like my mail.....if anyone is listening could you mail me some Taco Bell please....

hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

Good thing German orderliness made sure your parcel would reach you!