Thursday, April 06, 2006

Life in Europe

I am writing this entry from the banks of the Pegnitz River, at the edge of the Hauptmarkt in the center of Nurnberg. I am gazing at a centuries-old bridge; well, it was centuries-old until it was destroyed sixty or so years ago during the bombing that flattened most of central Nurnberg. It was then rebuilt with reclaimed stone, during the rebirth of a decimated city. Within eyeshot are Tudor buildings, stone statues, and some significant architectural treasures.

I'm also drinking a decaf white chocolate mocha. At Starbucks. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Carol said...

Nurnberg?? Starbucks? Those are two of my favorite things!! I fell in love at first sight in Nurnberg on May 24, 1980 and it changed my life. Starbucks simply improves my mornings... we literally have one on just about every corner here in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

There are no Tudor buildings in Germany, this term is only used in Britain.