Wednesday, March 29, 2006


A few highlights from our trip to the Czech Republic last weekend:
-Switching trains in the dark, from the sleek German speedy train where I was chastised for propping my toe up against the seat across from mine, to the slightly worn and decidedly slow Czech train where our compartment door clanged open and shut whenever the train went up or down a slope, but the conductor just looked at our second-class tickets, noticed we were in the first-class cabin, said "Eh," and moved on.
-Hearing and seeing more English than we've heard or seen in months. Never needing to learn how to say "yes,""no," or "thank you" in Czech. This was strange but, since we are basically lazy people, a little bit of a relief.
-Eating ice cream cones twice a day.
-Buying a pretty Czech crystal wine decanter.
-Visiting the largest castle complex in the world (according to our guidebook), and hanging over the castle wall to photograph the view.
-Getting a Thai foot massage in the lower level of our hotel.


Jeff said...

and lets not forget...
- Blythe almost needing to be carried back to the hotel because 'my legs hurt from so much walking.....'
- the classy hotel Blythe chose and the dark sedan with leather seats that picked us up at the train station
- the rather rough looking crowd at the train station (reminded me of being in Pioneer Square)
- ...lastly I am still making check/Czech jokes and will continue to right up until we go to Spain and I can find something funny about Barcelona.....

Erin said...

It's been 5 years since I visited Prague and I still enjoy telling my Czech rail story...