Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Jeff and I settled into the couch on Sunday night for a festival viewing of Garden State. Actually it was a TV viewing; we figure since we're paying for the movie channels thanks to my Oscar obsession, we may as well watch some movies. I saw Garden State for the first time in November 2004, on a business trip to Chicago, and it prompted me to return to my hotel and write a long journal entry and think about that time in my life when, though I wasn't actually medicated, nor did I have a comparably sad relationship with my family, I felt that aimless numbness (look! alliteration!) that Zach Braff portrays so well. I like to tell everyone who will listen that the first year out of college was the most confusing of my life. I'm a very good rule-follower, goal-achiever, teacher's pet. When I graduated from college and didn't get into grad school (an MFA program in poetry writing, thank your lucky stars they saw fit to reject me or you would be reading bad free verse right now), it was the first time in my life that my future wasn't mapped out before me, and that there was no summer camp or internship or training program to tell me what to do next. Not to mention the resume-writing and rejection that inevitably followed. Fortunately, Jeff was around to listen to me whine, and fortunately he didn't get sick of the navel-gazing, because he's still here.

I love it when movies capture a moment like that. I also loved the music (I downloaded the songs by Zero 7 and Frou Frou this afternoon), Natalie Portman's dead hamster, the Medieval Times reference, and my new movie star boyfriend Peter Sarsgaard (who was not really my type here but I can get over that when I remember Shattered Glass - move over Maggie Gyllenhall). I've added Zach Braff's blog to my bloglinks; he only seems to post about once a month but he's so cool I don't care. Fortunately, SkyTV airs Scrubs reruns twice a day, so I get my fix elsewhere.

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