Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Envelope, Please

The outstanding entrant in Blythe's 2006 Oscar Pool/Poll is:

Melanie Reed from Seattle WA, with 19 predictions correct, out of 24 categories. Melanie is the lucky winner of an Oscar the Grouch T-shirt. Mel is decidedly NOT a grouch, but she deserves a big Oscar for her awards-predicting prowess, and this was the only one I could get my hands on.

Second place goes to Karen Katz from Portland OR, based on her 17 correct predictions. She wanted to make it clear that her entry reflected the films she thought would win, not those she actually wanted to win. She walks away with a $10 Amazon gift certificate, which she can use toward the purchase of her favorite film of 2005, Match Point, when it comes out on DVD next month.

The Gay cowboys? What gay cowboys? award goes to Scott Butler, who did not predict Brokeback Mountain as a winner in a single category.

The special Three 6 Posse award for musical appreciation goes to David Bradley, Jill Briney, Mike Sexton, and Karl Stickel, the only people to correctly predict that "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" would win Best Original Song.

Apparently God Sleeps in Rwanda was an audience favorite, because 19 of 27 entrants predict it as a winner in the Best Documentary Short category. Or maybe that's just because it was the first one on the ballot?

Our first-place finisher (Melanie) incorrectly predicted the awards that the last-place finisher (Jill) got right. Team Reed/Briney in 2007?

For those who are setting Oscar prediction goals for next year, here's the score breakdown, by name and number of correct predictions:

Melanie - 19
Karen - 17
Karl - 15
Kerri W - 14
Sandi - 14
Kylee - 12
Anna - 10
Chad - 10
Martha - 10
Francie - 9
Mike - 9
Monique - 9
Erica - 8
Erika - 8
Erin - 8
Scott - 8
Daniela - 7
David - 7
Katie - 7
Kendra - 7
Kerri B - 7
Patti - 7
Todd - 7
Jeff - 6
Tracy - 6
Dick - 5
Jill - 4

Thanks for playing. And, it's never too early to start handicapping.


Karl said...

Where's the 3rd place prize?? I think Brokeback got Clooneyed -- once they took screenplay and director it seemed likely they would give best pic to another film.

Karen said...

I'd like to thank the Academy! Thank you to my parents for believing in me when everyone else thought I was a total loser, and . . . oh, gosh . . . there are so many people to thank, like my director who told me I could win, and, well, he actually lied just a bit, but, second place isn't so bad and a $10 gift certificate is better than nothing and . . . Oh, my, Gosh . . . I am just speechless, uhm, and, uh, well, I must thank my husband, John, and my amazing sons, Koby and Evan, who left toothpaste on the bathroom mirror this morning, and my agent who talked me into entering an Oscar pool even though I NEVER win anything, and my lawyers who will be calling the German government about illegal gambling, and my broker who will help me invest the $10, and Blythe without whose spirit none of this would be possible. Did I mention that Match Point is a really, really good movie? See it.

Jill said...

I can not believe I did not receive a prize for last place!
You know, that was very hard to do! Next year, Melanie, we work
together and you get 100%.

Anna said...

What?!?! Documentary Short...19 out of 27 voted for the Rwandan movie!?!??!!?!

Did no one know that "A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin" -- THE WINNER -- was directed/produced by a Lawrence University alumnus? Come on, people...give one to the small liberal arts colleges out there...

AND...one of the "experts" in the film is Appleton, Wisconsin native and professor of theatre at Lawrence University, Tim X. Troy...whom I had lunch with last Thursday. I'm sure this means I am now 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon! Tim predicted he would be the only person in Kodak Theatre with a rented Sears tux. I have yet to get official word on that prediction, but I did see a glimpse of him in the crowd, so I can confirm he was present...and that I have a shot with the Kevin Bacon claim to fame...

proud Lawrence University employee