Thursday, March 16, 2006


A food blogger I'm not, as evidenced by this amateur photo of my dinner concoction. However, it tasted so good I wanted to capture it on, um, film. Or pixels.

Rarely does a recipe turn out exactly like I picture it in my head (or how it's pictured in the cookbook). The instructions didn't warn me that my entire kitchen would be covered in curry-scented grease after Monday night's dinner, or that a particular scampi sauce isn't so much sauce as it is two tablespoons of butter that are supposed to bathe a pound of pasta.

Last night, however, my culinary efforts were rewarded with feta-stuffed chicken that not only looked pretty and tasted prettier, but it matched the new placemats I bought in France! (I'm still in denial that they're white. We've banned red sauce from our house until they're broken in.) The recipe comes from Colorado Colore, the latest Denver Junior League cookbook. Someday I'm going to move to Denver just so I can get on the Junior League taste-testing committee. I'd better hurry up, I think I'm almost too old to join the Junior League.

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Jeff Butler said...

I can confirm it tasted as good as it is now near the top of my favorite Blythe meals list....Jeff