Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blind Boys of Bavaria

We've curbed our exhibitionist tendencies now that our new window blinds have been installed. Yesterday, when I called to tell Jeff the installers were here, I kept referring to them as the "blind guys." We've been living without window coverings for the past four months, which is only a big deal because one entire wall of our bedroom is glass and looks out onto several other apartment buildings. I won't miss hauling my outfit for the day into the bathroom with me each morning. I'm sure the neighbors won't miss the sight of my bed-head and purple flannel PJs. Jeff is excited about sleeping late on weekends without wearing a Lufthansa eye mask. If you look carefully as you're admiring the photo of our new blinds, you'll notice SNOWFLAKES falling outside the window.

1 comment:

Jeff Butler said...

Blythe hasn't adapted to the European mentality that nudity is a normal part of life...personally I don't care what the neighbors see but...Jeff