Monday, February 27, 2006

Idol Chatter

I've finally watched all 2+ hours of American Idol this week. I know you're interested in my opinions, especially since I possess no musical talent and don't even know what "pitchy" means.
-It's the year of the boring skinny long-haired white girls. They're pretty but I only remembered one of them for more than two minutes after she left the stage. I'm glad to see that two of them are already outta there.
-Simon is a genius. If he were quicker with cleverer comebacks, he could kick Randy and Paula offstage completely. He says what I'm thinking EVERY TIME. That guy's smile bugs me too, and singing Copacabana sealed that guy's fate. And attempting songs by the Jackson 5 reeks of high school talent shows. I'm with you, Simon!
-The girl with the attitude must go, on the basis of her dance moves during the final credits alone.
-I went to high school with someone named Bucky, and he looked very much like that sweet kid Kevin. Does that qualify as some kind of six-degrees thing?
-Yeah, Ace is pretty, and he sang a great song that I hadn't heard in a long time. And he's obviously been auditioning for soap operas and TV commercials because he knows how to work the camera. So why does he remind me of the icky Constantine? I'm trying to keep an open mind, though.
-Least favorite performance: David singing one of my favorite Queen songs like a bad Harry Connick Jr. impression
-Loved: Mandisa rocking that Heart song, and that guy who came straight from a karaoke bar and killed the Stevie Wonder song, barely stopping long enough to pull the chaw out of his lower lip.
-Biggest surprise: I started out liking Taylor but I thought the harmonica/Ray Charles impression was a little too much. Then he was joyful and genuine onstage, so although I thought he was going to irritate me, I'm back in his corner.
-My pick: Chris, who I thought was cool even before he did such a good job with classic Bon Jovi.

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Sandi said...

Go Chris! I always root for the rockers but he was so good that I screamed out loud during his song like I was at a concert.