Thursday, October 20, 2005

And the sun drips down

I am not a musician nor even someone who knows all about cool new bands and who went to see Death Cab before they were on the OC or who has the indie club phone numbers memorized or who downloads The Donnas or who calls The Dandy Warhols just "the Dandies," though I do admire those people, who are far cooler than I am. I do pay good money to see bands for whom I am nostalgic. The list of concerts I've seen includes Barry Manilow (he really does write the songs), Gordon Lightfoot (with my dad), Neil Diamond (with my mom), Journey (without Steve Perry), and Chicago/Hall & Oates at the State Fair. You probably assume I haven't seen a concert in twenty years but I've attended these events in the past decade. So I'm a little late to the party. I blame it on growing up in a place where the only concert venue was two hours away and Alabama played twice a year but Motley Crue was forced to cancel due to misuse of umlauts (or maybe it was their devil-worshipping reputation, we'll never know). I also maintain that this behavior follows my reputation as risk-averse; ie I only want to see a band who I know I like, not one that I've just heard is groovy. And, apparently, they have to be healthy eaters because by the time I get around to seeing them they must live to be over 60 years old.

I don't think Simon LeBon is sixty yet but thanks to one of my five fabulous sisters-in-law, I saw Duran Duran in concert a few months ago. I noticed that they were on tour but I never got around to buying a ticket. However, on the fateful day of their show, my sister-in-law Kerri (the one who owns a Simon LeBon poster with lip prints on it, one of the two famous Kerris-who-are-my-sisters-in-law) called and offered me a ticket. It was a weeknight and I was a little worn out but I thought, what the heck, I used to be part of the Cult of DD back in the day. Though not to the extent of some others who will go unnamed (but who previously stalked John Taylor into his hotel after a concert until he shouted at her to F*** off; this must have been when she switched her allegiance to Simon). It took me about ten seconds to begin my worship of eighties eyeliner all over again. Before the band played a note, the five of them (the originals back onstage together again, no more Warren Cucurrullo, thank you very much) simply stood at the front of the stage and absorbed the screaming energy of thousands of 35-year-old women. I sang so loud I lost my voice, which didn't even happen when I saw Prince (also awesome in his purple strangeness). John was just as sexy as he's ever been in his black leather pants, Nick was weird but cheerful, Roger was handsome and stoic, Andy was sucking on a cigarette and looking cranky, and Simon was as arrogant yet mesmerizing as I remembered. And I can't confirm or deny the rumor that I was spotted outside the band's hotel, shouting at Nick for his autograph. I will point out that, from what I've heard, the majority of autograph seekers standing outside hotels seem to be creepy hairy men who play Magic:The Gathering. The new DD fan base? Or maybe they're just supporting their gaming habits by selling signatures on EBay? It's no wonder famous people flee from them.

So Kerri, thank YOU for the memory. And you don't have to return my copy of Decade (can you believe they left "The Chauffeur off of it?); I had two of them in my collection just in case of a "Notorious" kind of emergency like this one.

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Kylee said...

Barry Manilow?! I am SO jealous! I've seriously wanted to see him in concert for like at least the last five years! I think it stems back to the significant role "Can't Hardly Wait" played in my latter-high-school days... Anyhow, that's awesome!

Also - 'oldies but goodies' is the way that goes right...? :) I for one happened to have a kick a** time at the Guess Who/Joe Cocker concert I went to a few years back and may I say, Mr. Cocker can shake his moneymaker like no one I've ever seen... he is quite the 70-some year old! ;)