Thursday, August 04, 2005

Maybe this was what Steve Winwood was talking about

I had planned to post today on all the wonderful things about being a lady(?) of leisure. At the top of my list was to be at least a paragraph on the joys of cruising around the city without having to fight weekend/rush hour traffic, since my errands can be completed in the middle of a Thursday afternoon, while you working stiffs are off the roads.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to post earlier because I spent half my day in the car on the freeway inching along at five miles per hour. Apparently some "debris" was blocking the lanes, though I never actually saw said debris; eventually the road just miraculously opened up before me. On the positive side, I'd loaded up the CD changer before I left home, so for two hours I sang along to the "Rent" soundtrack (did you know they're making it into a movie? Let's hope it is still in theatres when I come back for Christmas. I'm delighted that they're using most of the original cast.), and my fantastic mix CD that includes Britney Spears' "Toxic," Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal," and even some Bronski Beat.

Maybe this was the universe's way of telling me that I needed to catch up on my musical theatre?

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