Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Getting a fix

I've been without consistent technology for the past week or so, and I survived. Since we last met, I spent a few days in Montana where they do have the internet (Craigs List just launched there!) but no one has notified my dad. The movers arrived yesterday and carted away our belongings, so we spent 24 hours without internet service or even a television. We sat warming our hands around a bare light bulb in the living room for entertainment.

We have lived without cable television for the past eight months, which I thought was good preparation for technology deprivation. When we checked into our hotel yesterday, I realized that we'd only created a couple of TV-starved monsters, similar to those children I knew growing up who weren't allowed to watch television at home, so when they visited my house we couldn't rip them away from reruns of "Green Acres" long enough to eat dinner. We are now GLUED to old episodes of Law & Order, reality MTV, doubles tennis on ESPN, whatever we can get our hands on. I watched Boo-Bah for 15 minutes this morning. I also spent almost an hour(!) on the "Lost" website, clicking around for previews of the seasion premiere that I'll never see. So, for the next week, We will devour all the cable television and high speed internet that we can suck down before we fly off to the land where we don't understand how to change the TV channels, never mind understand what the newscasters are talking about. Fortunately our temporary German digs does offer wi-fi, so I'll having nothing but time to blog blog blog away. I must say I'm thankful to have access to US CNN this week; the footage coming from the gulf coast is horrific but I appreciate being informed. Many thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Southeast.

By the way, thanks to those of you who showed up at the rummage sale, we got rid of lots of good stuff (there was practically a bidding war over the Berry Bake Shoppe) but somehow we still filled up a big truck yesterday with all of our treasures. I hope we still want all of that stuff when it arrives at our next destination.

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