Monday, August 08, 2005

Float like a butterfly

I am a boxer. I am surrounded by boxes, baskets, crates, bins, and tubs. My boxes are in boxes. I am being forced to make decisions on a moment-by-moment basis, surrounded by a disorganized mess. This is one of the layers of my personal hell, though it is an upper layer because so far I've noticed that indoor plumbing remains nearby and Rob Schneider is not on television. (Incidentally, I watched "50 First Dates" over the weekend, and I am insulted on behalf of the entire state of Hawaii, since I've been there once, in the same way that Ricky Martin is speaking on behalf of Arab teenagers.)

As Jeff keeps reminding me, moving allows us the opportunity to purge our belongings of those items that we haven't looked at in years, and which are so dusty they make us sneeze just to think about them. However, I refuse to give up my personal history. There is a scientific system (the "yes" and "no" buttons that exist only in my brain) by which I've sorted everything (yes, EVERYTHING) in our house.

Some items I plan to keep:
-My fifth grade class photo
-All of my Fisher-Price dolls (My Friend(s) Mandy, Jenny, Becky, etc all the way down to Mikey)
-T-shirt from summer camp
-T-shirt from freshman year sorority function (yes, I was in a sorority; no, I won't tell you the secret password)
-My first business card
-My husband's graduate school hood
-Multiple copies of blank RSVP cards from our wedding

Some items that went straight into the green Hefty bag:
-A photo of my best friend and myself in our bathing suits in 9th grade, posing in her grandmother's living room (no, they weren't bikinis)
-The completed RSVP cards from our wedding
-T-shirt from junior year sorority function (not as much fun as freshman year)
-Large box of paints and brushes from that art class I took that improved my sense of design so dramatically

Some items that we will attempt to sell at our garage sale (don't miss it - August 19th & 20th - everything must go):
-Strawberry Shortcake berry bake shoppe
-Picture frame that formerly housed 9th grade swimsuit photo
-Several never-used wedding gifts (no, I'm not going to tell you which ones and who they were from)
-A juicer that Jeff swore he would use weekly. He still loves the Juiceman commercials.
-T-shirt from sophomore year sorority function (more fun than junior year but less than freshman year)

My priorities have really snapped into focus during this project, obviously.

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Jeff Butler said...

Get off the internet and get back to sorting through all the junk.