Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Jon Stewart is my TV boyfriend

I'm not much of a politico, not that I don't have opinions (freely expressed here and elsewhere), but I tend to shy away from getting too 'involved.' Yes, I know, our country is going to hell in a handbasket because of people like me. Just thank your lucky stars I'm moving away.

Well, we disconnected our cable television this year in favor of high-speed internet access, so I actually missed the historic Tucker Carlson "stop hurting America" speech, which I probably wouldn't have seen anyway since it is on Crossfire, one of those 'political shows,' but have of course watched multiple times online now that my internet connection is fast enough. Before I move to a place where Comedy Central does not exist, I would like to pause for a moment and say to the world (well, to the internet) that I was a Jon Stewart fan back when he was in "Playing by Heart" as Gillian Anderson's love interest. My husband will attest that I had a crush on him back then, and everyone else who just discovered him should just back off. Even though I'm not that political, and as you have probably noted from the sidebar my main news source is E! online, I heart JS. Because he's my TV boyfriend.

My friend Sandi introduced me to the phrase TV boyfriend. Most everyone has them. They don't require monogamy, thank goodness, because David Duchovny used to be my TV boyfriend too, back when he was on TV. Maybe Gillian Anderson is actually my alter ego.

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ella said...

I loved him when he hosted Short Attention Span Theatre and I made you all watch it in college